Testimonials for Scarborough Terrace in Scarborough, Maine

Testimonials about Scarborough Terrace

Nothing speaks louder about the reasons to join our community than the testimonials of our many satisfied residents and their families. We take pride in making Scarborough Terrace a happy and caring home. Please see a sampling of our testimonials:

"I want to express to all of the staff working there how much I appreciate the excellent care and attention you provide to your guests, especially my father. I know your "job" is to take care of your residents but I cannot tell you how comforting it is to know that my father resides in a place where the staff TRULY cares. You guys do a superb job and I wanted to recognize you for your outstanding efforts. Living in Virginia makes is difficult to visit my father so it is very reassuring to know he is content and well cared for. Take a bow, all of you...you deserve it! Thank you again."

“You may say that you all were just doing your jobs, in reality, your love and care for my parents were amazing. You treated them, and us, as family. Your timely notification of issues and news allowed us to relax in the knowledge that they were under the best care imaginable.”

“We probably don't tell you enough how much we LOVE Scarborough Terrace and all everyone does. I can't tell people enough what a great job you all do and how grateful and lucky we are to have such genuine care and support for our dad.”

“My mother has never looked better. We are totally pleased with the loving attention and care; Scarborough Terrace is doing a great job.”

“I visited [my mother] over the weekend, and I was pleased to find that she seems happy and content. Her apartment is beautiful and cozy. I am pleased to know that she is making friends and socializing with other residents. I believe Scarborough Terrace is the right choice for her at this time.”

“My family and I wish to extend our sincere thanks to all of you for the extreme care and patience extended to our dear mom during her stay with you. It was an experience I will never forget!”

“We so appreciate the wonderful care and friendship my mother received at Scarborough Terrace; she could not have been in a better place.”

“[My mother] has transitioned nicely into Scarborough Terrace. I thank you and your quality nursing staff for giving [her] the care and patience she so needed in order to realize this progress.”

“[After my tour yesterday,] I left feeling [that my mother] will adjust and her quality of life will be enhanced within your caring community... It is so apparent that your caring manner is sincere and your relationship with the residents was heartwarming to witness. Thank you for all you do.”

"How can we begin to thank you for wonderful care you gave our Mom. The decision to move her into assisted living was a hard one. However, with your guidance and assurances all along the way her journey was comfortable, clean, safe and happy. You all share the gift of loving care, from CNA's, nurses, dining staff, housekeeping and programs. When it came to the end it was so evident you had more invested than your jobs. Your professionalism took on a new depth as you made her passing comfortable for her and for us. Your concerns were very real."

"Scarborough Terrace truly gave me a feeling of coming home."

Scarborough Terrace

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